Monday, March 12, 2012

Big Questions

Yesterday was Curling Boy and I's one month "anniversary". Of 'the talk' that put us officially in relationship status. So I found it appropriate to stop and evaluate our relationship, how I feel about him, etc. And I found myself feeling certain...urges in the vocabulary department. Urges that kinda freaked me out and made me want to shout "no! too soon!!". I needed help answering this question I'm now faced with, so I turned to my friend, the Internet. So tell me Google...

How do I know if I'm in love?

I know, I know. Shush, I know, it's SO soon. And it's completely freaking me out. Calm down, I'm taking my time with this question.

In response to my inquiry, Google gave me a variety of things, from articles about how to tell if you are feeling love/lust/gas, and fun quizzes.

Oh I'm so a quiz girl. I clicked on the first one I knew my work computer would allow me to view. The questions started off ok - how do you respond when you see him, how often do you talk on the phone (no room for 'texting only' in that one). And then it asked if I've ever farted in front of him. You know what, I don't think my gastrointestinal activities have anything to do with whether or not I love someone. So skip that stupid thing!

On to an article. "There are four types of love: childish love, parental love, infatuation, and 'being in love'." Oh hells no I don't agree with that. I love my friends, I love my dog, and those certainly don't fall into any of those categories. Skipping.

Next article. Information posed as questions. Ok, looks like one I'd like. "Do I blush around him, or have another kind of physical response to him and his touch?" Yes. I blush. And I get all awkward sometimes. Stop laughing.

"Have you talked about marriage?" Ok, waaaayyy to far along on the road there.

"Does everything seem to remind you of your partner?" Huh? No. Wouldn't that fall under the guise of obsessive? "Oh look, peanut butter. Curling boy one mentioned a PBJ sandwich. I remember because I wrote an entry about it in my relationship journal." I'm giving you one last shot, article.

"Do you feel good around your partner? Have 'flying high' feelings, or feel like you can conquer anything?". Huh, now there's a good question. No, I don't believe so. I feel fuzzy inside (like the good kind, not the 'see a doctor about that' kind). Have I felt that way about previous boyfriends? Yes, I have, I kinda remember the whole "nothing can go wrong" high. But I had that for the first two weeks of my relationship with Curling Boy, and I know I wasn't "in love" then.

So how do you know? No, really, Reader - how do you know? How have you figured it out in the past, or in your current relationship? I feel a bit wigged out about even considering this concept so early in our relationship. Yes, we've been seeing each other since before Halloween last year, but still, isn't that still too early?

Ok, to summerize - how do you know when you've fallen in love, and how early is too early?


  1. Fleetwood here. I knew when I was in love when even if I'm miffed at Sprite, I can't imagine life without him. He makes me a better person, wants me to achieve my goals and I want him to achieve his, very much. His happiness is as important to me as my own and I look to find ways to compromise together that make our bond stronger.

  2. Allblacks and I met in college and became friends first. We hung out a lot because we were both far from home. You really can't say whether or not you're "in love" until the giddy, twitter-pated part subsides and you become more comfortable with each other. It's difficult to know where the line is drawn between passion & lust and true love & compatibility.